Storage units

The perfect solution for anyone looking
to organize and lay out the dishes or for those who want to create
a sideboard corner in the living area.

Dall’Agnese conceived this furniture as a practical and beautiful alternative to the old shelves: in this way the interior space, rhythmed by wooden or glass shelves, becomes large and spacious, while the outer surface is combined with new and valued design. Wavy lines can decorate the front of the box, as well as a the mat or glossy finish stand out in a better way a bright and unusual colour. Discover the several models that Dall’Agnese offers: from now on, the order is no longer a luxury.

Bar unit or bookcase?

Bookcase storage unit Code to be placed also in the middle of the room thanks to the bifacial back panel.

Contenitori | Dall'Agnese

Internal unit with suitable space also for the placement of bottles.

Contenitori | Dall'Agnese

Here is another solution to equip one Dall’Agnese’s storage units and convert it to a bar unit fully equipped or in a bookcase.

Attention to details

Contenitori | Dall'Agnese

The four handles of Quadra composition remind us of the Japanese Zen furniture.

Contenitori | Dall'Agnese

Different sized boards are staggered to create a delightful movement. They are the distinguishing feature of the Stripe collection.

Contenitori | Dall'Agnese

Stripe storage unit, available in any of the wood finishes and colours of Dall’Agnese range.

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