Emotion Sliding Doors

The Emotion cabinet system with sliding doors is ideal for those who want to take full advantage of the space.

Modular and equipped, the Emotion system comes with different types of doors, from the door consisting of one panel to the Composta door, that creates games of different materials and colors: mat and glossy lacquers, open pore oak, Black American walnut, dark or tobacco oak finish, oak knots, heat-treated oak, glass and many other possibilities including engraving personalization. Combine each other and get the right cabinet: if you are not satisfied, we’ll develop customized solutions for you.

Pure color and new combinations

Armadio Limone | Dall'Agnese

Here is the original proposal that Dall’Agnese suggests for the cabinets with sliding doors: vivacious plain colors, green grapefruit, and recessed handle.

Doors and handles

Emotion Anta scorrevole | Dall'Agnese

Tecno door, characterized by a vertical profile that flows throughout the height of the cabinet.

Emotion Anta scorrevole | Dall'Agnese

Telaio door, coming with various arrangements of horizontal panels.

Emotion Anta scorrevole | Dall'Agnese

External profile ‘Composta plus’ handle in heat-treated oak.

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