Refined in the shape and practice as a box or TV case,
the sideboard is an extended rectangular piece of furniture,
lightened and almost suspended by means of a pedestal
available in three different versions.

The sideboard is made up of two or more doors, complete with open shelves or drawers depending on the use. It can be lacquered or with wood finish, decorated with glass shapes or carved in the surface to form wavy and harmonious lines. Dall’Agnese sideboard interprets in an original way the contemporary taste of young and unconventional customers. Discrete piece of furniture, it becomes the inevitable piece of design for the dining room or the living area.

Grooves and elevations

Madia | Dall'Agnese

Different sized boards are staggered to create a delightful movement. They are the distinguishing feature of the Stripe collection.

Madia | Dall'Agnese
The alternation among the Groove and XL handle creates a pleasant aesthetical game in the Slim up storage units.

Madia | Dall'Agnese

Glass sideboard with glass tiles applied on the doors.

Lines, colors, and details

Madia | Dall'Agnese

Frame base units surrounded by a 4 cm thick frame in a contrasting colour. One side panel is omitted to create an open view.

Madia | Dall'Agnese

Code: pure versatility, provided by endless coordination of a structure that becomes a series of different items, complete with open units, doors and drawers.

Madia | Dall'Agnese

Sideboard with four carved flame pattern doors, supported by Quadro base.

Several materials and shapes

Wide range of colours and finishes also for top panels available in wood, lacquer, glass, and for model Slash also marbles carrara gioia and dark emperador.

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