Speed up

How many solutions using Speed up
for your living room! Speed modular system
is composed by modules such as side panels,
shelves and doors matching one another.

Here lies the versatility of Speed up line, suitable for any tailormade solution. Its back panels can be of a different color to break the schemes; the shelves follow one another, in thickness 30 or 15mm, to be placed in the chosen position; different depths and thicknesses alternate thanks to the insertion of contrasting or tone- to-tone metal elements.
Speed up bookcases can be very tall, due to its wide modularity both in height and width, the TV lies in the middle of the multimedia support, the shelves are coloured in different tonalities: white and aston grey for a chic and minimal furnishing, heat-treated oak with light grey details for and elegant living room. Discover all the possible combinations.

New Groove and XL handles

Speed | Dall'Agnese
The Groove and XL handles are elegantly combined to the metallic lacquered in titanio, piombo, nichel, ossido ottone or bronzo finishes.

Speed | Dall'Agnese

The alternation among the metal XL handle with the important design and the Groove handle, creates a pleasant aesthetical game.

Speed | Dall'Agnese
The new glass up doors with the brown frame and the grey transparent glass, complete and enrich the Slim & Speed up collection.

Hinged, sliding or flap door

Precious and special objects find perfect position inside of the vetrinettes that interrupt the geometric game of the bookstore.

The flap doors can be used in the Speed up bookstore as ideal containers for the hi-fi one. Now available also with wire hinge!

Speed | Dall'Agnese

Glass sliding doors are provided with anti-dust system. The doors slide on an aluminium track system, solid and resistant to guarantee the utmost quality.

Equipped compartments

Speed | Dall'Agnese
The Slim & Speed up drawers are now embellished by the Groove handle, available in different colors
among which the elegant brass finish.

Speed | Dall'Agnese
The element with little three drawers in the elegant leather effect finish, can be inserted with harmony inside of the compartments of the bookstore.
Speed | Dall'Agnese

The attention for the details united to the capacity and functionality, are the characteristics of the Slim & Speed up drawers.

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