Constant attention to new trends, suppport of successful external architects and deep sensitivity towards design and technological innovations are the main requirements for an aestherical result of great impact.

The designer is a professional position very important for any furniture company, with its own cultural knowledge and expertise, thinking and designing in advance which will be produced at a later time.

For this reason Dall’Agnese takes advantage of successful external architects and constantly pays attention to new trends, as well as to design and technological innovations.
Matteo Zorzenoni
Matteo Zorzenoni Studio
Matteo Zorzenoni was a lecturer at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice, the IED in Madrid and leads workshops for the Domaine de Boisbuchet (Vitra Design Museum), Fabrica, Mexico Design Week and Kozice. He can boast projects exhibited at the Maxxi in Rome, the Triennale in Milan, the London Design Festival, the Architecture Biennale in Venice and the Pompidou Center. Since 2021 he has been the Art Director of Dall’Agnese, giving the new catalogues a strong stylistic imprint.
Giulio Signorotto, Giorgio Signorotto
DOS Design, located in Treviso, is born from the thirty-year expertise of Signorotto Architecture Studio, an evolution committed to design research. An interdisciplinary team of skilled professionals taking care of design, branding, graphics, concept-development, communication and exhibition.
Paolo Zanetti
Imago is a communication agency focused on design in its broadest meaning: branding and strategy, offline and online communication, images and texts, products and experience. The name imago is the synthesis of an approach based on image and imagination. They are designers who combine communication and creativity, using working methods inspired by design thinking that involve customers in a path of co-design and generation of ideas. According to imago, thinking as a designer helps to communicate effectively and creatively. They have been cooperating with Dall’Agnese for years, designing new products, but also taking care of the visual identity.
Pio & Tito Toso
Brothers in life, they were born in Venice and graduated in Architecture in 1998. In 1996 they founded their Design studio PIO&TITOTOSO. They cooperate with the most qualified Companies in the field of furniture and design.