Value and sustainability

Dall’Agnese’s first commitment is to make sure that the customer can get a wide and full range of furnishings, from the living to the sleeping area, including a rich choice of occasional furniture and accessories. The main goal is to guarantee quality and expertise to all the people who love the furniture manufactured in Italy, to those who believe in the design Made in Italy and those who are still the spokesman of an entrepreneurship born in the past of our country.


Thanks to the worker's expertise, the technology of production facilities which guarantee a fully Italian quality, ITPI, the Institute for the Protection of the Italian Products, has awarded the certificate of 100% MADE IN ITALY to DALL’AGNESE COMPANY. We hereby certify that the furniture is completely manufactured in Italy with Italian semifinished products, built with natural, first-quality materials, upon exclusive technical drawings and design, adopting traditional handcrafted production. DALL’AGNESE is a certified trademark, owning the requirements of IT101 system – 100% Italian origin quality. We believe and invest in Italy!


Dall'Agnese works respecting regulations in force, applying the principles of quality system according to the standards of ISO9001:2015



Dall'Agnese water-based varnishes are identified by Decovery trademark because they allow the reduction of the atmospheric emission of solvents and are characterized by the lack of scent, safeguarding the operator and end consumer’s health.


The Company showroom is an ideal place to come in touch with the complete variety of collections. On a surface area of 1050 square metres, the full range of Dall’Agnese’s products is displayed: from classic furniture to new design collections, set with accessories and sofas, in order to recreate the atmosphere of a real house.