Dall’Agnese: a Company at disposal of your comfort.

Dall’Agnese boasts an important history in the furniture sector: since 1948 the factory has been playing an active role on the market by introducing new high-quality products in line with the tendencies of the time. The business goal has remained unchanged over the years: creating complete furnishings without turning to outer factories, taking part in every single step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products, being versatile and taking changes as incentives to improve.

Through 70 years of history.

Dall’Agnese has turned 70. In all these years the Company’s production has distinguished itself for quality, design and coherence. Dall’Agnese has always adapted to different household needs, aligning with the latest fashions and constant evolution of furniture styles, while safeguarding the ‘Made in Italy’ label and satisfying customer’s needs.
Handmade furniture factory Dall’Agnese is established.
Dall’Agnese becomes a Ltd Company.
Dall’Agnese begins exporting all over Europe.
First Italian and European Company obtaining the Certification ISO 9001.
Dall’Agnese joins group Doimo- DVO. The Company expands over an area of 108.000 sq. mt.
Creation of a 1800 sq. mt. showroom.
Birex becomes part of Dall’Agnese’s brand. Production certified 100% Made in Italy. Trademark Decovery for water-borne varnishes.
Incontra is a network of 8 successful Italian Companies in the field of contract design
Opening of flagship store in Milan, Via Sebastiano del Piombo 17.
Furniture Company Dall’Agnese turns 70 years old.
Realization of Dall'Agnese new showroom, completely refurbished, developing over an area of 1050 sq. mt, reserved for customers only.
Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification according to the new 2015 version.
Dall'Agnese is totally acquired by Daniele Guizzo, Emilio Guizzo and Gino Rech, already partners of the company for several years.
Important investments are launched that will affect various business areas during the year. These include the production plant, with the aim of improving production efficiency, a renewed attention to the issue of environmental sustainability and a new brand identity.

Value and sustainability