Bookcases standing against a wall, minimum or enldess, sometimes with storage elements. Bookcases that stand in the centre of a room as a partition wall, with just a few shelves ready to host books that can surround life, inhabit it.


Bamboo is a programme for interior decoration, all black or with a brass anodised aluminium structure. It is a cabinet with open storage units or doors. It is a bookcase with modular stoneware or wooden shelves, or entirely in aluminium.


Kyoto is designed to show off in the centre of a room. It features metal in several finishes, with aesthetic or functional elements that embrace its three or four wood shelves.


Gentle lines for shelves and external painted metal rod supports, with clearly visible rounded head. Supernova becomes a bookcase with three or four shelves to stand in the centre of a room, original and easy to live with.


Bookrid is a wall-mounted bookcase that fits narrow spaces or expands over an entire wall. Its strong point is modularity. It has a modern, rational impact and comes in any of the several textures available in Dall'Agnese finish range.