Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are always a precious resource as a practical and necessary support in any home. We have one suitable for every occasion, to coordinate stylishly with all Dall'Agnese decor.  


Lacquered or stoneware tops are similar to irregular ovals. Cylindrical metal bases. These are coffee tables to be used on their own or in an ever-moving 'atoll' that constantly renews itself.


Kyoto is a generously proportioned coffee table looks great in the centre of a room. It has two superimposed wooden tops to become a capacious storage element, and aesthetic or functional metal elements supporting the structure.


Coffee tables in the large Supernova family boast different heights and dimensions, rectangular or square stoneware or wooden tops with rounded edges. The metal base has exposed semi-spherical heads.


Cosmo softens every detail. The square or rectangular top unfolds rounded corners, legs are elegant metal rods with visible spherical tops. The wooden or stoneware top is surrounded by the metal edging.


The Bomber table spawns coffee tables of different heights and dimensions with round tops, to be used individually or in groups. The tube-shaped rods of the bases stand out for beautiful workmanship, reminiscent of the master smiths of times gone by.


Discreet, elegant and airy, Beam coffee table can sit next to a sofa or anywhere you need a solid suport stand. It can be painted with a metal finish or covered in hard leather


Square or rectangular, high or low, Slash is a coffee table easy to use, with a metal cross base. Its distinguishing feature is a wood frame all around the stoneware or wooden top.


Classical rectangular, low coffee table, with a midi and maxi version. The top is in wood with 30° inclined edges, or in stoneware with metal legs.


Track's metal structure connects the two superimposed wood or stoneware tops. It's not the normal 'circuit' it appears to be, because it moves the supports from their usual position. A detail that reveals originality.


This coffee table will always find a place in your home with its linear style and oval or round top. That's why Zoe comes in different sizes with a wooden or stoneware top and the refined effect of the 30° inclined edge.