Mirrors are functional and attractive. Our selection is never intrusive, it captures the attention with its style and perfect coordination with Dall'Agnese decor.  


An elongated oval mirror with polished edges, rounded ends and a refined stoneware circle that recalls the tops in the Supernova family, which it coordinates perfectly with.


Selene is a round central mirror with LED lighting, large plexiglas frame, transparent with geometrical pattern: it looks like a constellation of crystals in the splendour of an ancient Greek moon.


The cut gradually changes perspective, shape and the final effect of a mirror that plays with its own 'radius'. It features variable radii with polished edges and can be provided with LED lighting.


Square or rectangular mirror with wooden frame elegantly 'cut' at 45°. Slash' personality changes when hanging or standing horizontally or vertically on a wall. Available in wooden finish or matt lacquer.


A few lines and here's the finished mirror with polished edges and perimeter with LED lighting. The shelf with stoneware front is simple and acts as a tidy tray, as well as displaying small objects.