Sideboards and Storage Units

The sideboard is a typical living room piece of furniture. A fundamental item. A taller storage version is available, with a choice of base units which can also be fitted with an inner bar.  


Is linearity dull? Not in the least! Wrap appeals to sober, even-minded people. The top panel, 'wrapped' by the structure and fronts, forms an open tray on an external door with the same stoneware finish.


Marlene loves veneering, the robustness of solid wood, artistic milling, and irregular patterns. The framework disappears, making way for an airy frame in a choice of metal finishes.


This handle appears to come out of the base, with the elegance of a katana, the ancient Japanese weapon. The same lightness distiniguishes the sides, which enclose the cabinet as well as the back and sides of the top.

Glass Up

Glass Up is a technological glass cabinet door: concealed hinge with a 270° opening, aluminium frame profiles protrude to become handles, magnetised soft closing. A refined look also wth the hard-leather back panel.


Supernova is distinguished by soft, linear modernity. Refined rounded sides are elegantly shapely and long slim metal rod legs look outwards with rounded heads in view.


Concrete's focus lies in its origami-shaped, multifaceted doors. The beautifully worked grooves, cuts and slants confer the appearance of a sculpture on such sideboard.


Code is a true 'system' to be customised. It comprises cabinets with doors, open compartments and double carcase. All these elements combined make up a variety of compositions and colour schemes.


Stripe chooses a gay 'striped' mood. Sideboard or storage unit, it is made up of slats with different widths, lengths and thicknesses. The result is an apparently casual arrangement that creates a joyous flow.


Slim interprets the simplicity of formal clean-cut lines, with a wide range of variants. This is a modular system suitable for furnishing any room. Sideboard or storage unit, it has closed compartments, drawers and deep drawers with push-pull opening.

Slim Up

Slim Up shares the carcase and modularity of Slim collection, however with its very own grip profile. It can be horizontal or oversized, positioned vertically to become an ornament.

Slim Air

Slim Air increases the clean, simple lines of Slim collecton. It sheds the base to become a suspended sideboard, to be highlighted with LED lights. The stoneware fronts, top and sides bestow a monolithic feel.