The Glass Up door is available in grey transparent glass, with a handle built-in the frame of the door that creates an airy effect and gives a glimpse of the wardrobe interior, which can be fitted with drawers, shelves, raster units, shoe racks and other accessories.

Modular and well equipped, with tailor-made cuts, and a wide range of finishings, from lacquers to the warm shades of woods, to the refined materials of inner fittings, the new Emotion up system is designed with the utmost versatility in terms of modularity and aesthetics. Its compoundable system put together different types of doors, from the single panel to the compoundable one, in order to create a spectacular play of materials and colours.

Grey transparent
Burnished finish
Textured finish internal wardrobe
Garzato alpaca
Pino lagos
Rovere termotrattato
Chiudi finiture

Multiple accessories

Multiple internal accessories for daily needs, such as belts to ties, that we want to store with care.
Storage / jewel case covered with fabric and supplied with microfibre bottom panel
Extractable tie / belt rack
The internal drawers are available in all widths, according to the sizes of wardrobe units, stackable to create endless variations, and supplied with fronts in wood or grey transparent glass framed finish.
Raster with box covered with fabric
Extractable or inclined fixed shoe-racks, available with air freshener device for closed compartments
Vertical built-in lamp with a movement reading sensor
Horizontal built-in lamp with a movement reading sensor
Two types of handles available: burnished metal handle or in hard leather and burnished metal

Internal wardrobe finishes

Garzato alpaca textured finish
Pino lagos textured finish
Heat-treated oak textured finish